Proud to Serve Our Residents

Lake Crest's Resident Advocate program is designed to help residents advance their lives. This program partners with a non-profit organization called Apartment Life to provide those in need with important social services including access to an onsite Resident Advocate. Already connected in their local community and with prior social services expertise, our Resident Advocate is dedicated to helping our residents apply for rent and utility assistance, succeed in school, find jobs, identify food assistance programs, register for mental health services and so much more.

Here at Lake Crest we also offer access to a beautifully designed Kids Club that provides a lounge environment and quality programming for our young residents to be productive, learn and play. From homework tables to coloring hours, our Kids Club strengthens the future of our neighborhood.

Also located at Lake Crest is a dedicated Resident Advocate meeting space in which we welcome residents to visit for any and all needs during available office hours.

For those already living in this community, please visit your resident portal to learn more about opportunities, events and Resident Advocate office hours.

To learn more about this program, click HERE to watch a video.


For more information about our waitlist program, please visit or call our leasing office today!

 Affordable Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Community

Income must be 2 times the rent amount for the unit being applied for and the household yearly income cannot exceed the set income limits for the community. Please contact Leasing for more details.

Income Restrictions:

1 person household: $48,360.00

2 people household: $55,260.00

3 people household: $62,160.00

4 people household: $69,060.00

5 people household: $74,640.00

6 people household: $80,160.00

7 people household: $85,680.00